Sugar And Gluten


בשורה למעשנים ולמעוניינים לרדת במשקל:
מכון אברהמסון לגמילה מעישון, סוכר וגלוטן בדרך טבעית מגיע אלינו ללונדון


Rani Rahav

“I really lost a lot of weight. Even though I didn’t weigh myself – I never weigh myself – I estimate that I’ve lost more than 20 kilos. I can thank the Abrahamson Center, that helped me stop eating gluten and sugar.  I’m nearly as I was years ago, and this coming Succot will be one year’s anniversary. I must say that this thing really works.  I’m thrilled!”

Gideon Reicher

"Through the years that I have been involved in consumer complaints and investigative programs, I’ve become suspicious.  So when I make a recommendation, it’s got to be something I really believe.  I’ve seen treatments that promise to wean smokers come and go, and their promises disappear with them. 

Eitan Cabel Knesset Member

"I smoked for 32 years, from the age of 16.5 to age 48, three packs a day. It’s been four and a half years since I touched a cigarette, and it doesn’t interest me anymore. I just don’t understand how I smoked. Today, I admit that it disgusts me. I think it’s repulsive. I smell the area around me and around my friends, and every time I’m astonished at the fact that once I smelled like that. It shocks me every time. Now, I come home from somewhere, and enjoy the fact that my clothes don’t stink of cigarettes"