you can be a millionaire

If you quit smoking you can be a millionaire ! Don't believe ? Paul Claireaux calculated that a basic rate tax payer who quit smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and invested the daily £8 savings would have a pension of £1,000,000 by the age of 65.

Drinking water

Drinking lot of water lowers the nicotine level in the blood and assists in cleaning the body from toxic. Drink a least 8 to 12 glasses of water every day.


בשורה למעשנים ולמעוניינים לרדת במשקל:
מכון אברהמסון לגמילה מעישון, סוכר וגלוטן בדרך טבעית מגיע אלינו ללונדון


Gideon Reicher

"Through the years that I have been involved in consumer complaints and investigative programs, I’ve become suspicious.  So when I make a recommendation, it’s got to be something I really believe.  I’ve seen treatments that promise to wean smokers come and go, and their promises disappear with them. 

Eldar Ziv

Eldar Ziv, Artist, Stage Director, Multi-Disciplinary Media Personality and Israeli Musician
“I grew up smoking.  My main job was that of a smoker.
And the kids?  They told me, Dad, buy me a birthday present - stop smoking.

Yarin Kimur, Investigative Journalist, Ramat Gan

“As an investigative journalist, I’m a skeptic. I stopped smoking with the Abrahamson Center 22 years ago, and I’ve saved 3,000,000 shekels.  I owe my life to this. I’m publicizing my recommendation completely voluntarily, because I’d love to see others stay alive, too.  The proof speaks for itself, 22 years without smoking.  It simply works.”

Eitan Cabel Knesset Member

"I smoked for 32 years, from the age of 16.5 to age 48, three packs a day. It’s been four and a half years since I touched a cigarette, and it doesn’t interest me anymore. I just don’t understand how I smoked. Today, I admit that it disgusts me. I think it’s repulsive. I smell the area around me and around my friends, and every time I’m astonished at the fact that once I smelled like that. It shocks me every time. Now, I come home from somewhere, and enjoy the fact that my clothes don’t stink of cigarettes"

Professor Amram Jacobe

“For many years, more than 20, I was a heavy smoker, and I’d tried everything I could to stop.  I tried acupuncture and all sorts of treatments.  Since my treatment at the Abrahamson Center, over 4 years ago, I have not felt the need to smoke.  If it was just me, that would be one thing.  But since my own experience, I have referred over 20 people to the Center and all of them have quit smoking.  All of them!”

Dr. Ya’acov Hanani

Dr. Ya’acov Hanani, ENT physician, Tel HaShomer Hospital.
“I am impressed with the success of the Abrahamson Center.  I follow up with my patients who have been treated for smoking through the Center.  I heartily recommend the Abrahamson Center to all of my acquaintances about the treatment and support they receive.  They do wonderful work, and their success rate is amazing.”

Dr.Dror Zahavi

Dr.Dror Zahavi writes:

“I don’t really understand how, in spite of my natural inclination to distrust miracles, and my thorough opposition to the views of my goofy sister (who recommended the Abrahamson Center to him), I have stopped smoking.”