בשורה למעשנים ולמעוניינים לרדת במשקל:
מכון אברהמסון לגמילה מעישון, סוכר וגלוטן בדרך טבעית מגיע אלינו ללונדון


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Tips: Alcohol


  1. Weaning from alcohol means total avoidance of it. Therefore, even years after stopping, you cannot touch it, not even s small glass, and not even at the most joyous events.
  2. Make very sure you say blessings over grape juice, not wine. Chocolate bonbons with sherry, brandy or alcohol fillings are still alcohol.
  3. Aftershaves or medicinal alcohol is forbidden for the first month after treatment.
  4. It’s worthwhile to keep a bottle of water handy at events, coffeehouses and restaurants.

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