People Recommend Smoking

Or Almog, Group Facilitator and Counselor from Ramat Gan, lost 16 kilos with Abrahamson

Or Almog, group facilitator and counselor for personal development, stopped eating sugar and gluten, and got rid of 16 extra kilos.  She was weaned

Yaniv Besht, Sales Manager from Nahariya, lost 43 kilos with Abrahamson

Yaniv Besht didn’t believe he could pass by a bakery without buying half a kilo of everything.

Here’s how to lose 42 kilos in 5 months

After she had her second daughter, Anat Ya’acovovitch decided she needed to get back to her previous shape – not an easy task with two little girls

Yolanda Lost 21 kilos

Yolanda Gauta was always “full in the right places”, and it never prevented her from fully enjoying life.  After she decided to make some changes a

How did Gil Trim Off 30 kilos?

Gil Efroni from Kibbutz Ein ha’Natziv was in very bad shape.  He suffered from numerous health problems and he was a familiar sight at medical clin

Half of Zahava

Zahava Chantchinoski found comfort in food after she was widowed, and before she realized it, she’d gained a lot of weight.  When her weight finall

This is How Avi Shed 37 kilos, Easily

During the week of Shiv’a after his father’s death, Avi Eliav, 25 year old, heard a lot of criticism about his weight.  It was right then that he u

Chen Binkovitch, Full-Time Mother Weans from Sugar and Gluten and Loses 50 Kilos

Chen Binkovitch was addicted to chocolate, and  the situation just got worse after her daughter was born, Feeling overwhelmed with maternal stresse