People Recommend Smoking

Rani Rahav

“I really lost a lot of weight. Even though I didn’t weigh myself – I never weigh myself – I estimate that I’ve lost more than 20 kilos.

Gideon Reicher

"Through the years that I have been involved in consumer complaints and investigative programs, I’ve become suspicious.  So when I make a recommend

Eldar Ziv

Eldar Ziv, Artist, Stage Director, Multi-Disciplinary Media Personality and Israeli Musician

Yarin Kimur, Investigative Journalist, Ramat Gan

“As an investigative journalist, I’m a skeptic.

Eitan Cabel Knesset Member

"I smoked for 32 years, from the age of 16.5 to age 48, three packs a day.

Roital Lost 71 kilos

Roital Haim, 52, suffered for years from significant overweight, which at her top weight rose to 136 kilos.  She was borderline diabetic, and found

“Now, We’re Healthy”: The Tzemach Family Lost 87 kilos

When the pointer on the scale showed 125 kilos, Israel Tzemach decided to lose weight – but he didn’t do it alone.  Joining him were his wife, his

Weaning from Sugar and Gluten – That’s How She Lost 45 Kilos

“I wore long clothes in August, from embarrassment”.

Getting off Sugar and Gluten – Debbie and Ya’ara Agar each lost 30 kilos.

“I would ask my daughter what I could eat”.  When mother and daughter decided to make changes together, they cut out sugar and gluten and each shed

“Food Doesn’t Speak to Me Anymore” – How Dudi lost 34 kilos

Dudi Tal, 32, lived fairly well with his weight – 104 kilos.  But after he saw the results when his friend was weaned from sugar and gluten, he dec