People Recommend Smoking

Professor Amram Jacobe

“For many years, more than 20, I was a heavy smoker, and I’d tried everything I could to stop.  I tried acupuncture and all sorts of treatments.

Dr. Ya’acov Hanani

Dr. Ya’acov Hanani, ENT physician, Tel HaShomer Hospital.

Dr.Dror Zahavi

Dr.Dror Zahavi writes:

Dr. Eli Levin

Dr. Eli Levin, Dentist, smoked a pack and a half a day, and his willpower was gone.

Dr.Yechezkeil Tityon

“To the Abrahamson Center, Greetings.

My name is Dr.Yechezkeil Tityon, Orthopedic Surgeon at Beilinson Hospital.

Dr. Koller, Chief Physician for the Israeli Electrical Company

Stopping smoking is a most crucial process in preventing heart disease, circulatory problems, cancer and early death.